Tips and Links


We hope that the following tips and links will be useful for you while planning your trip to Italy.




Currency conversion


Simple translations/Phrases 


US Consulate + Embassy in Italy 


Cell phones

Before departing, please check with you cellular phone provider if they offer coverage in Italy and what they may charge for roaming.



In Europe the standard voltage is 220V/50Hz. Remember to pack converters if you plan on bringing any electric devices.


Credit Cards

Make sure you inform you your credit card company that you will be taking a trip to Italy so your purchases won't be blocked upon arrival. Be sure to take more than one kind of card in case merchants don't accept a certain kind of card. 


Time Zones


Restaurant Service charges

Most restaurants charge service to your bill automatically. Look for the item that says "coperto". It will usually come to around 2 - 5 Euro per person. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.