Ravenna is a picturesque Byzantine town famous for its’ beautiful examples of 6th century mosaics which can be seen through its’ many churches and museums. It is known as the mosaic capital of Italy and many of its monuments are protected by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. During your tour, you will enjoy Ravenna's most important mosaic works that will include visits to S. Apollinare Nuovo, The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia,  the San Vitale Cathedral. You can also find Dantes’ burial site here. A tour guide can be arranged if you are interested in getting the full cultural experience of this unique city. 


Depending on availability, you can also partake in a mosaic making class. You will pick out a design, cut the tiles, learn how to arrange them and at the end of the class, take home your creation. Everytime you look at your mosaic you will have good memories of your day in Ravenna. 


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