Auto Elite provides luxury transportation services for tailor-made day tours. Your personal chauffeur can drive you to the most popular attractions as well as to unique, lesser-known destinations. You can enjoy exclusive and authentic experiences through:

Tailor-made itineraries – Luxury private day tours can be designed around your specific interests and schedules.

Off-the-beaten track experiences – savor the lesser-known places unique to Italy, with eno-gastronomic tours, cooking classes, visits to sports car museums and test drives.

Classical Italy – the marvelous romantic destinations of Verona, Turin, Bologna, Ravenna, the northern lakes and the eternal city of Rome.

As long-experienced travel planners, we fulfil every request to take you to your dream destination and unveil the secrets of Italy.

We enjoy helping you personalize your tours as much as possible. Please contact us we’ll be happy to accommodate any request.