Gastronomic Tour

Gastronomic Itinerary




Your full day Gastronomic itinerary will take you to see three large treasures of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Your tour will begin with a stop at a local Parmigiano Reggiano producer where you will experience the production of this “King of Cheeses” first hand. You will learn about the traditional phases of production that have passed down for centuries by generations of cheese makers. The cheese-maker’s precise movement and passion for the craft will certainly leave you impressed. At the conclusion of the tour, you will be able to taste the parmesan along with other products from the dairy.



The day will continue to Langhirano where you will see a prized gastronomic delight that has brought much fame to Parma: Prosciutto di Parma. Prosciutto di Parma is a 100% natural and healthy product. It is almost fat free, rich in proteins and has a low percentage of cholesterol. In other words, an authentic guarantee. Prosciutto is a truly genuine gastronomic masterpiece born from a real passion for the product and fine attention to its age-old technique.


After a tour of the factory, there will be a sumptuous lunch right at the “Prosciuttificio”, where you will have a taste of all local meats (prosciutto, culatello, coppa di testa, mortadella, cotechino etc.), a pasta course, and finally a delicious homemade dessert.


Our last stop will be in Modena, home to one of the most exquisite condiments in Italy… Balsamic Vinegar. Any enthusiast will tell you that Balsamic Vinegar produced traditionally is completely different to what is sold in most stores. The craft of ageing the perfect vinegar in wood flavored barrels can only be learned over time. You are in for a special treat as you visit a traditional “acetaia” and discover the secrets of making the most desirable balsamic vinegar. Tastings follow the tour and products will be offered at wholesale prices.


** Easy walking. Sneakers recommended. Contact us now to book this fabulous tour !