Romanesque Emilia

Romanesque Emilia

Great development following the end of the first millennium saw Emilia that led the Romanesque period. Artisans working in these regions built numerous Romanesque art masterpieces in Emilia. In this period, every Emilian city redesigned their centers around a big cathedral frequently decorated with sculptures in low relief.

Day 1 – Parma and Modena- Our day will begin in the beautiful city of Parma. You will start by visiting the cathedral known for its magnificent frescoed dome by Correggio and the pink-marbled octagonal Baptistery. Continuing the visit will include the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista and also the Camera di San Paolo – both with stunning frescoes by Correggio. We then tour the Art Gallery situated inside the grandiose Palazzo della Pilota which contains remarkable paintings by Cima da Conegliano, Carracci, Correggio, and Parmigianino.   On our return we will stop in Modena to visit the splendid Romanesque Duomo that is known for its striking west facade which has exceptional sculptures in relief by the master Wiligelmo.

Day 2 – Bologna- One of the most intact medieval city centers in all of Italy, Bologna is little known except for its famous university. Visit to the medieval heart of the city with the impressive Piazza Maggiore, the enormous Gothic cathedral of San Petronio, the two leaning towers and the fascinating old complex of four churches known as Santo Stefano. The art gallery hosts fine masterpieces of northern Italian medieval painting.

Day 3 – Ferrara-  It is quite incredible how beautiful and interesting Ferrara is yet it is barely visited by tourists. The cathedral is a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles and boasts an impressive central façade begun by Wiligelmo. The evocative Castello Estense surrounded by its moat was constructed by the powerful Este family together with the more elegant examples of Renaissance architecture in the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the Palazzo Schifanoia with its extraordinary series of colorful frescoes from the second half of the c. XV.

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