Travel Agents

Travel Agents


Travel agents tend to ask us what the difference is between us and other ground transportation companies.

For the tourism sector, we work only on pre-booked and organized services. This allows us to guarantee tour operators a well-planned itinerary with our most experienced drivers. We also provide an annual price list allowing you to create a budget for all of our tours.

The other aspect that we are extremely proud of is our high level of service. We respond to all requests immediately. Our back- office management customizes travel plans and will go through every detail until the itinerary is approved by the client.

We are depended on to give updated, relevant information regarding new tour opportunities, traveling exhibits, tour guides, quality restaurants and hotel and villa recommendations. Auto Elite is here to support you, not compete with you. 

How we serve:

  • Through our National network, you will only need one supplier for all of your needs in Italy.
  • We streamline your work by organizing the itinerary, transportation, tour guides and tickets.
  • Creating Customer Satisfaction which leads to repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Availing of Multilingual Staff for international clients.
  • Offering a complete portfolio of private tours and specialized services.
  • Providing Customized billing and direct access to our reservation software.


If you are looking for a business partner in Italy that not only can provide the service you require but can also represent you, Auto Elite is definitely the best choice.

Please let us know when we can set up a time to contact you directly or you can reach us at  or +39 329 786 2708.