Here at Auto Elite, we take responsibility for producing carbon emissions so we believe in acting in support of local sustainability initiatives to protect biodiversity and therefore mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

We are committed to preserving biodiversity and improving air quality with 3Bee’s regeneration projects aimed at restoring forest heritage and the natural habitat of Bees.  These precious pollinators are a fundamental link on our everyday food chain, and the planting of autochthonous trees with high nectariferous potential is essential in restoring natural reservoirs of vital nourishment to the bees.

Contributing to 3Bee – as the first startup that cares for pollinators and regenerates biodiversity – is a necessary step towards scaling up sustainable practices and technologies that will lead to a larger global impact.   Together we are promoting a healthier environment by planting new trees every year in our Auto Elite forest to reduce our carbon emissions, to find a greater social well-being while inspiring others to do the same.

According to EU current data issued by the The European Environment Agency (EEA) in support of environment and climate goals for Europe, in the course of each year, a mature tree will take up about 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and in exchange release oxygen making the air we breathe healthier.

You too can contribute by adopting either a 3Bee nectariferous tree or a 3Bee hive and watch it grow.
As each day passes, the carbon absorption increases

Auto Elite Forest

Currently in the Auto Elite forest, our nectariferous trees species are:

5 Blackthorn or Sloe

15 Dogwood or Cornelian cherry

5 Hazelnut

15 Scotch Broom

10 Tamarisk

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