Cooking Class

A hands on cooking class in Bologna, the heart of the Emilia region and the gastronomic capital of Italy. You will learn how to make traditional Bolognese pasta such as Tagliatelle, a stuffed pasta such as Tortelloni, and another typical Bolognese dish, potato gnocchi. To go along with these delicious pastas, you will also prepare traditional sauces using fresh, seasonal ingredients. After all of the preparation is done, you will be able to feast on what you created while drinking delicious wine from the hills of Bologna. Special menus can also be requested and will be priced accordingly.

We also organise multi-day gastronomic experiences that include the cooking class. Please see below for some sample itineraries:

Day 1: A visit to the antique market area in Bologna following by cooking class where you will learn to make 3 kinds of fresh pasta using a rolling pin.

Day 2: A trip to a Parmesan cheese dairy followed by a visit to a balsamic vinegar producer and to finish, wine tasting and lunch.

Day 3: A tour at the top culatello produced in Emilia Romagna followed by a visit to a prosciutto factory, both experiences include tastings.

Day 4: Back in the kitchen for another cooking class with your own personalised menu.

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