Piedmont Tours

Located in the hilly northwest corner of Italy, the Piedmont region is an absolute must-see for those looking to explore the more rustic side of this wonderful country. The entire area is full of picturesque villages and remote communities that are always looking to accommodate new visitors. The city of Turin is also located in Piedmont and is arguably one of the most important business and cultural centers in the northern part of the country.

If you’re interested in exploring the foothills of the Italian Alps, Piedmont won’t leave you disappointed. But what really sets this region apart is its unique local cuisine that blends Italian country food and medieval western European styles of cooking. Combine this with one of the best-tasting wine varieties, and you’ll quickly understand why Piedmont has developed a reputation for being a paradise for food enthusiasts. 

Dishes are more often prepared using lard and butter, while olive oil is not as prominent. Still, it’s used to give the finishing touch and define the flavor profile of many specialties.

Speaking of finishing touches, Piedmont-style dishes are almost always topped by generous raw shavings of truffle. This alone gives the meal a musky flavor and hearty aroma unique to this region. We can also organize truffle hunting during your stay in Piedmont.


Guided Truffle Hunts Are Heaps of Fun

One of our Mercedes vehicles will pick you up at your hotel in Turin and drive you all the way to a part of Piedmont known as the Langhe region.Accompanied by a “Trifolao” (local truffle-hunter) and his faithful dog companion, you will hunt for this treasured type of truffle. 

Aside from enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the Langhe area, you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about the Piedmont region, it’s famous full-bodied Barolo wine, and why are truffles so sought-after in the culinary world. The truffle hunt is all about having fun in the historic Langhe woods, so even if you find some truffles, you won’t be able to take your prize home.

After the hunt is over, you’ll get to enjoy a tour around the vineyard which ends with a wine tasting event. To complement the different types of wine, you will be served classic Piedmont specialties sprinkled with truffle shavings.

Ending the Day with Some Sightseeing

With a full stomach and a smile on your face, you can spend the rest of the day in the small town of Alba. This secluded town is known for its UNESCO Human Heritage sites and gorgeous squares. While you can use our luxurious transportation services to get to the town, you’ll have to conduct the rest of your sightseeing on foot as the historic center of Alba is closed off for traffic.

Piedmont Tours
Piedmont Tours

Piedmont Has So Much to Offer

Although the guided truffle hunt is one of our most booked tours, we also have several other options for the Piedmont region. These include:

Car tours that will take you to the famous Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile, that will give you a unique insight into automotive history. The museum features a dedicated Formula 1 racing wing, a clear favorite for many sports car enthusiasts. The Pininfarina museum is also included in this tour, as well as the Turin’s rooftop racetrack at the Lingotto 8 Gallery.

Wine tours that will acquaint you will some of Piedmont’s best-tasting wine varieties. These full-bodied red wines are often associated with musky, earthy flavors, and rich textures. You’ll get to visit the wine museum located inside the enchanting Falletti Castle where you’ll hear all about the Langhi area and how it contributed to putting Italian wines on the gastronomic map.

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