Terms and Conditions


1.1 The contract of a hired driver shall be deemed completed between Auto Elite sas ( hereinafter referred to as the Lessor ) and the Customer at the moment when the latter signs the estimate. The contract is governed first and foremost by these Terms and Conditions which the Customer declares to fully understand and accept . Any modifications shall be effective only if authorized in writing and bear the signature of all the original contracting parties . The order / estimate signed by the customer constitutes the acceptance of this contract.

1.2. The Customer, by signing the estimate, maintains to have received a contract proposal that is complete and well-defined in its entirety thus concluding the contractual agreement. In the absence of a signature, Article 1326, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code expressly considers the contract to be concluded at the moment when the Lessor has been informed of acceptance by the Customer. Acceptance of the offer is to be understood without reserve.

1.3. Rental is to mean the provision of a car rental with a driver as foreseen by the framework legislation governing the transport of persons by means of public services. Any request that is not considered to be a normal service (for example but not limited to special sport and non-sporting events, customers with special personal needs, the need of public order etc.) must be agreed in advance in writing through reservations at info@autoelitelimo.it.

1.4. The Customer must observe the ban on smoking in the vehicle. Consumption of meals or drinks or food in the vehicle shall be requested to the driver who will still have authority to deny permission.

1.5. The Lessor is not responsible for personal property left in the vehicle. All items will be kept at the registered office of the Lessor for a period of 28 days at the end of which the items will be considered abandoned.

1.6. Each passenger may carry up to 1 SUITCASE AND 1 CARRY-ON. ANY EXCESS BAGGAGE SUCH AS SKI OR OTHER EQUIPMENT MUST BE DECLARED at the time of booking to ensure that the vehicle required is suitable for such transportation.

1.7. The vehicles hired are all newly registered and are all suitable for the services agreed in the contract. The vehicles are in full compliance with the law and all vehicles and passengers are fully insurance.

1.8. Auto Elite S.A.S. collaborates with other car hire companies who operate with the same standards of quality and efficiency. If the vehicle and / or driver assigned for the day reserved for the execution of the service is booked, the Lessor will arrange a replacement vehicle of the same and / or higher class and level for the customer.

1.9. The liability of the Lessor for damages caused to the end user is limited to the regulations laid down in the Civil Code. Any request for conduct that falls outside of these standards must be requested in advance in writing each time and must be accepted by the Lessor.


2.1 S class, Luxury Sprinter, As directed and Tours: For cancellations with 4-7 days notice before the start of the service, the Customer shall pay 50% of the agreed fee. For cancellations with less than 3 days notice before the start of the service, the customer will be required to pay the full rental rate agreed including entrances and tastings.

For point to point transfers: For cancellations with less than 12 hours notice before the start of the service, the Customer shall pay 50% of the agreed fee. For cancellations with less than 4 hours notice before the start of the service, the customer will be required to pay the full rental rate agreed for the full duration of the contract.

Any refunds will be processed immediately but may not go into effect until 1 to 10 working days. There is an €50 service fee for each refund issued due to a cancellation. In the event the service cannot be provided as planned, Auto Elite will suggest different alternatives.

2.2. If your flight is canceled or delayed more than 60 minutes than the scheduled arrival time, the customer must inform our booking department by calling +393297862708 to be able to ensure the presence of one of our drivers on arrival. If contact between the Customer and the driver has not been made, our drivers are instructed not to wait for more than 1 hour from a flight’s landing time or scheduled appointment. The driver will then leave the meeting point and the service will be charged in full.

2.3. Any request for changes to already confirmed reservations (i.e. Schedule change, change of vehicle, route, duration) must be submitted to the booking department by calling +39 3297862708 or +39 3494131585 or by e-mail info@autoelitelimo.it The booking department will then assess the feasibility of the modification request.

2.4. The Lessor reserves the right, in any case, the sole and absolute authority to terminate the agreement if the service is no longer technically possible due to the following: information / requests referred to in Section 1.3 have not been disclosed; the contract or any attachments are found to be incomplete; when the customer is in default of its obligations under another contract with the lessor, or is enrolled in the register of protests (outstanding claims), or becomes subject to an insolvency or bankruptcy proceeding, or otherwise deemed unreliable for other reasons, without incurring a mandatory communication on the part of the Lessor art. 1456 of the Civil Code.

2.5. If there is any damage to the vehicle by the Customer, either willfully or accidentally, the Customer will be charged a minimum of € 250 on top of the agreed fee. Auto Elite S.A.S. reserves the right to receive a full assessment of the damage by a qualified appraiser in order to determine the exact amount to be charged to the Customer. If the vehicle is unable to operate due to the damage suffered, the Customer will be charged € 250 for each day that the vehicle is rendered unavailable in addition to the price of the repair. It is the express right of the Lessor to request the highest amount of damage, to take any possible action to safeguard its own interests with the aim to restore the vehicle at the expense and responsibility of the Customer.


3.1. Payments of the fees agreed in the contracts of third parties ( i.e. agencies , hotels, etc. ) imply good performance of the services rendered.

3.2. Any complaints by the end user must be reported in writing immediately and in any case, no later than 8 days after the end of the services rendered, either to those who had contracted the service or directly to Auto Elite S.a.S.; in the first case , the burden lies with the intermediary to communicate with the Lessor immediately.

3.3. Payments of fees arranged in the rental agreement must be settled by way of credit card, bank transfer or cash paid at the end of the service, unless otherwise expressly agreed. We accept international credit cards such as Visa , Mastercard and American Express. Credit cards from the Electron circuit or prepaid cards will NOT be accepted. We do NOT accept deposits or payments with the American Express card for online transactions. If the credit card is accepted by the Lessor, the amount deemed necessary for the execution of the contract will be detained with the express authorization of the customer.

3.4. We do not accept payment with credit cards from the following CFSP sanctioned countries :
Afghanistan , Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma – Myanmar , Congo (Democratic Republic), Cote d’ Ivoire, Egypt , Eritrea, Republic of Guinea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq , North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Guinea- Bissau, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

3.5. All prices are inclusive of VAT charged at 10%. Reservations are held with a 30 % deposit of the total agreed price. The balance of the payment is due at the end of the service. All services carried out under agreements entered into prior to the service are excluded from the above payment terms. Prices include fuel and motorway tolls only in Italy; fees for ferries and tunnels, parking, extra services, entrances to historic centers where the normal permits of each vehicle are not considered sufficient are not included.

3.6. The final rate may be subject to recalculation on the basis of additional waiting time, extra mileage, parking fees and / or miscellaneous costs incurred.

3.7. The charge on your credit card will be listed as AutoElite s.a.s.

3.8. On specific request, English or Spanish speaking drivers are available. The surcharge for this service will be calculated according to the requested service.


4.1. For any communication in writing by the Lessor , the Customer expressly accepts that the sending of messages written by e- mail directly to the email address provided in the contract, has the same value of a postal communication sent by means of registered mail.


5.1. Any dispute or controversy concerning the activities carried out between the Lessor and the customer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Bologna (Italy).