Wine Tasting

Planning a trip to Italy without incorporating a visit to one of its lush vineyards would be a real waste. Wine is deeply rooted in Italy’s cultural history and is a staple part of their cuisine. Matching food with wine is what Italians do best, besides, all that fantastic cheese needs to be washed down with something that tastes just as good right? 

Similarly to olive oil, almost every region in Italy produces some kind of wine. This is due to the overall sunny and mild climate combined with favorable soil and hilly terrain that’s present throughout the entire country.

For instance, wine and olive oil tasting in Tuscany is a popular way to spend a pleasant evening surrounded by friends and family while you learn about the rich winemaking history of this region and their prized red grape Sangiovese. 

Maybe your journey takes you to the hilly region of Piedmont, where you can try out arguably the most renowned wine in Italy, the Barolo. Combine this rich in texture wine with the local cuisine, and you’ll be in for a feast. 

Also, our favorite gastronomic region, Emilia-Romagna, features several high-quality wines, including those that are DOCG certified. In layman terms, this means they carry the highest designation of quality among Italian wines.


The Best Way to Experience Wine Tasting in Italy

One of the several perks of visiting Italy is that you’re never too far from a vineyard or a cellar. That being said, the best vineyards are a bit secluded, so the best way to experience wine tasting in Italy is to opt for one of our several gastronomy tours and fully utilize our ground transportation services. 

Our chauffeurs will help you explore the finest wineries Italy has to offer while you sit back, and enjoy the smooth ride. Choosing our luxury transportation services will make your trip stress-free and allow you to focus on gorgeous scenery.

What to Expect from Our Wine Tasting Trip

If you opt for one of our daily trips that include wine tasting events, we will take you to one of the most beautiful vineyards where you’ll be given a private tour of the estate. 

The location of the vineyard will depend on your preferences, but also the time of year in which you are visiting Italy. For example, one of our tours includes a visit to a secluded wine cellar located in the Emilia-Romagna region, more precisely in the outskirts of Bologna. Here you will learn about the method they use to produce their best tasting wine, and you’ll also have an opportunity to taste it. Sampling these fine wines is best done in the company of friends while you also enjoy small bites prepared by your lovely hosts.

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Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting