Day Trips to Alberobello

While exploring the Puglia region, Alberobello makes a lovely city tour. This authentic and picturesque tourist destination has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the trulli, the distinctive white houses with conical roofs. The town is named after Siva Arboris Belli (the wood of the tree of war), but the reason why numerous tourists pile into this town is precisely its unique trulli.


The Trulli Districts

Wandering around the trulli districts represents the main tourist activity in Alberobello. Rione Monti, a district facing down the city center, is the most touristy part of Alberobello. If you don’t have the opportunity to stay in a trullo, at least go into one of the numerous trulli bars, trulli restaurants, and many trulli shops. Aia Piccola is another trulli district, but it is a calm residential area and is less visited by tourists.

What to Do

Tourism in Italy includes summer in Alberobello because you can enjoy its numerous music festivals in nice and sunny weather. Make sure to visit the Museum of Olive Oil, the Museum of Wine, and the Museum of Handicrafts for a better insight into the local customs and way of life.

Alberobello Cuisine
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