Tuscany Tours

A legendary region in its own right, Tuscany encompasses the area between the Apennine Mountains and the west coast of Italy. 

With its seven UNESCO sites, mysterious Etruscan heritage, fine art, and even finer cuisine, Tuscany should easily be on top of your bucket list. Did we mention the endless amount of vineyards scattered all around? There’s a common expression that Italian wine tasting should start with wines from Sicily or Tuscany. A trip to Italy is truly not complete without at least a few days spent in this magnificent region.


The Cradle of the Renaissance

If you’re not sure where to start exploring Tuscany, a good place would be starting from its capital. Florence is, without a doubt, the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, as well as the modern Italian language. Geniuses such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Brunelleschi, and Machiavelli made a name for themselves in this enchanting city. As you stroll down the central districts of Florence, you’ll find priceless pieces of art on every step of your way. 

Countless museums, galleries, and heritage sites are located all over the city. Speaking of heritage sites, Florence was the first Tuscan site to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One gaze at Florence’s historical center will be enough to make you fall in love with this magical city. We recommend blending in and adopting the true Italian spirit. That means taking your time to savor in the best scoops of gelato and crispy slices of pizza. Find a local wine tasting event and make memorable moments.

Florence truly represents the core of Italy’s cultural identity in every way possible. But there are more locations to discover in the Tuscan region.

The Most Famous Leaning Tower in the World

They say there’s a certain romance in the air in Tuscany, and that it’s especially noticeable in the city of Pisa. Known for its famous leaning tower, classical architecture, and friendly locals, Pisa stands out as one of the must-see locations during your stay in Italy. Opt for a wine tasting tour and try out some of Tuscany’s most renowned wines such as Chianti and Brunello Di Montalcino. 

Explore the exciting food scene, check out one of many romantic destinations, and envelop yourself with Pisa’s long and famous history. It’s a good idea to utilize our ground transportation service to get around the city as efficiently as possible.

Tuscany Tours
Tuscany Tours

Endless Vineyards, Unspoiled Beaches, and Rolling Hills

Every corner of Tuscany is full of culture and beauty. Our luxury transportation service can take you all the way to the west coast where you can take advantage of the incredible coastline and enjoy a walk while you soak in the scenery. Both Montepulciano and Montalcino are classic examples of hilly Italian towns that captivate with their unique architecture and gentler way of living. If for some reason Florence and Pisa didn’t satisfy your appetite for Renaissance art, we recommend also visiting the province of Siena. 

If you’re planning a trip in the summer, you might even be just in time for The Palio di Siena. This five-century-old tradition is best described as the most incredible horse race you’ll ever witness. Not to mention it involves an unlimited amount of Tuscany’s best tasting wine.

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