Veneto Tours

Venice easily rivals Rome when it comes to the number of tourists they attract every year. In fact, the entire Veneto region is full of popular tourist attractions and gorgeous scenery that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re planning a visit to Italy. From the towering Dolomites to stunning lakes and renaissance cities, the Veneto region has a little bit of everything. In the heart of it all? Venice, an impossible city of incredible cultural value that keeps on defying the Adriatic sea.

Here are some of the tailor-made day tours we offer for the Veneto region.


The Queen of the Adriatic

A visit to the Veneto region wouldn’t be complete without spending a day in Venice. The world-famous St. Marks Square hosts the no less impressive Basilica, as well as other significant landmarks such as the Doge’s Palace and the iconic St Mark’s Campanile bell tower. You can sit at one of the many cafes and sip on authentic Italian espresso as you slowly take in all the history and beauty surrounding you. 

Arguably the most popular tourist attractions in Venice are the Gondolas. Take a gentle cruise down the narrow canals of this magical city and observe all its stunning architecture and art. You can visit one of the three islands (Murano, Burano, and Torcello) via the water taxi. Famous lace and glass factories are located on these islands and provide a great insight into the rich merchant history of Venice.

Romantic Destination

Another beautiful town is the home of the tragic couple, Romeo and Juliet. Verona is arguably one of the top romantic destinations for couples looking to start their Italian itinerary. The city’s largest pedestrian boulevard is called Via Mazzini. This wide and vibrant street connects Piazza Brà and the Piazza Delle Erbe and offers plenty of shopping options for those looking to purchase chic Italian products. Verona is also home to the third-largest Roman Amphitheater built somewhere around 30 A.D.

Home of Italy’s Hidden Art Treasures

Lastly, we recommend taking one of our luxurious Mercedes vehicles 40 kilometers west of Venice and visiting the charming town of Padua.

Walking down the streets of Padua, you’ll stumble upon many art treasures hailing from the 13th century. The Scrovegni Chapel and the Cathedral of Saint Anthony are just a few iconic landmarks worth visiting. The Cathedral, in particular, boasts some impressive pieces of art. You’ll find sculptures by Donatello, painting by Titian and many more.

Padua is first and foremost a university city. It’s the second oldest University in Europe, with the first one also being located in Italy, in Bologna. Contact Auto Elite today if you would like to know more about our Veneto itineraries.

Lake Garda Is the Place to Be

While in the Veneto region, you can use our ground transportation services and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride along the shores of Lake Garda. Considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in Italy, Lake Garda offers unmatched scenery, lush greenery, and a gentle climate that will make you wish you could stay there forever. The mountains seem to rise out of the water and offer dramatic landscapes around the entire lake. The agreeable weather, historical landmarks and attention to tourists is what sets Lake Garda apart from the rest. Centuries-old villas reside along the shoreline and contribute to the overall glamour feel of the lake.