Day Trips to Barolo

Barolo is a small village in the Piedmont region in Italy, renowned for its beautiful vineyards and wine. Although not the most popular tourist attraction due to its size, Barolo is a great stop for wine tastings and truffle hunting.


Barolo’s Wine Tours

Enjoy the scenic ride through the Langhe until you reach Barolo, where there are numerous vineyards located all around the village. . If you want to try some excellent local wines, there are great wine tours available everywhere you look. Your driver will indicate the best places with incredible views for you to enjoy your day out.  Most of these tours comprise a Barolo’s local wines tasting session, a brief lesson on wine tasting, and a visit to the vineyard where these grapes are grown. 

Other Attractions

While visiting Barolo, Castello Falletti should be on your list of sights to visit. Located in the heart of Barolo wine country, the castle and scenery are second to none and provide the perfect setting for a day of a learning about wine.  The castle is huge and there are several attractions inside like a museum and enoteca. The castle also provides a great view of surrounding villages and vineyards. Villages around Barolo include Diano D’Alba, Serralunga D’Alba, Monforte D’Alba, and Novello. Organize your Barolo tour with our limo service and enjoy the experience. After your visit to the castle, take a walk around this scenic town and have lunch at one of the delicious restaurants.

Barolo Cuisine
Barolo Cuisine