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Several art movements that have shaped the world’s cultural history hail from Italy, so it’s no wonder masterpieces reside in every corner of this magnificent country. Our luxury transportation services include planned visits to some of Italy’s most influential art meccas.


2-Day Visit to Tivoli and Ostia Harbor

Those looking to tread in the footsteps of illustrious ancient Romans will definitely find this itinerary to be of interest. On your first day, you’ll be visiting the charming town of Tivoli. Once a retreat for the Roman aristocracy, Tivoli is graced by centuries-old villas that still stand the test of time. One of them is the Villa Adriana which briefly served as the home of Emperor Hadrian. The villa features a distinctive design that Hadrian came up with himself. It is inspired by motifs he saw during his numerous conquests.  

On your first day, you’ll also get to go on archaeological tours and visit the National Archaeological Museum of Palestrina that houses a vast collection of artifacts including the Mosaic of the Nile. As the museum is built on the ruins of a Roman temple, you can continue exploring the surroundings and enveloping yourself in the rich history of the area.

The second day is reserved for the remains of the Ostia Harbour. This is arguably one of the most well-preserved and beautiful sites of the Roman empire. Judging by the remains, we can tell that this was a vibrant merchant port of Rome that had private bathhouses, luxurious estates, and thriving shops. 

Your journey will continue in the evening by visiting the small town of San Felice Circeo. Here you will be able to explore ancient ruins, spectacular squares, and breathtaking panoramic views.

3-Day Visit to Emilia-Romagna

Aside from its incredible culinary specialties and popular tourist attractions, this region is known for its numerous Romanesque art masterpieces.

Day one starts with Parma and Modena. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta crowns Parma’s historic center. The cathedral is a fine example of Romanesque architecture and features a stunning frescoed dome made by Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio. Aside from magnificent Roman Catholic churches and historic landmarks, Parma also has a remarkable art gallery located inside the Palazzo Della Pilotta. 

Your personal chauffeur will take you to your next stop, which will be in Modena. This ancient town is known for being home to automotive giants such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and others. However, we will focus our attention on the gracious Romanesque Duomo that is famous for its one-of-a-kind west facade. The work of art is called Creation and Temptation of Adam and Eve and is a masterpiece created by Italian sculptor Wiligelmo.

The second and third day includes visits to Bologna, home of Europe’s oldest university, and Ferrara, a town known for its renaissance architecture and opulent palaces.

Art Tours
Art Tours

Tailor-Made Day Tours to Cesena and Rimini

We end our art-inspired itineraries with a 1-day visit to equally impressive Cesena and Rimini. These two historically significant locations feature many opportunities for sightseeing and indulging in ancient Roman history.

In Cesena, you’ll find the Biblioteca Malatestiana, a remarkable library that features more than 300 manuscripts in Latin, Greek and Hebrew, along with over 200,000 volumes of books. Rimini, on the other hand, is best known for its unfinished cathedral church called Tempio Malatestiano. The cathedral is closely associated with Sigismondo Malatesta who commissioned its reconstruction by Leon Battista Alberti. 

Moving onwards to the coast and the historical centre of Rimini we visit the outstanding Tempio Malatestiano, designed for the tyrant Sigismondo Malatesta by Leon Battista Alberti.  Its façade was never actually finished but the interior (c. XV) is considered a splendid example of Italian Renaissance.  It is superbly decorated with friezes and reliefs by Agostino di Duccio, a fresco of Sigismondo by Piero della Francesca and a Crucifix attributed to Giotto.

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