Olive Oil Tasting

Pasta, great cheese, best-tasting wine, and olive trees are most often associated with Italy and the Italian culture. Throughout the country, more than two million acres are covered by gorgeous olive groves, contributing to Italy’s unique Mediterranean feel. Genuine extra virgin olive oil is greatly admired by both enthusiasts and the general public. It’s arguably Italy’s most valuable commodity and cultural heritage.  

Aside from its unique, delicious taste, olive oil has a lot of health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease and regulating blood sugar. Nearly every Italian recipe includes olive oil in some shape or form and for a good reason. It’s rich taste, spiciness and acidity define the flavor of some of the most popular meals, and it’s hard to imagine any Mediterranean-based diet without it. However, not all olive oil is made the same, even in Italy.


Dedicated Producers and Award-Winning Products

Olive oil is produced in every region of Italy, except in the northern Alpine areas. Sicily is especially known for producing large quantities of amazing tasting oil, but Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio are not far behind. There are over 500 varieties of olives grown on Italian soil, and about the same amount of different flavor profiles. 

The best tasting olive oil is usually produced by family-owned estate operations that can be found in some of the most secluded areas familiar only to the locals. Luckily, your personal chauffeur will know their way around these tucked-away towns and villages and can take you directly to these estates. By incorporating olive oil tasting into your travel itinerary, you’ll be able to try organic products of the highest quality. We offer several different day tours, including an exquisite trip to a 17th-century villa in Bologna.

Olive Oil Tasting Like You Never Experienced Before

One of our most sought-after tours includes visiting a 17th-century villa located in the old part of Bologna. You will be greeted by the owners of the villa who will take you on a voyage of discovery that only a few tourists ever get to experience. 

On this tour, you’ll learn everything there is to know about olive oil, its rich history, different flavor profiles, and methods of production. The villa is conveniently located on a hill that looks over the most prominent monuments and historical buildings of Bologna. You’ll get to enjoy an exclusive panoramic view of one of Italy’s most gorgeous cities.

Olive Oil Tasting
Olive Oil Tasting

Why you should opt for this tour:

Each guest will receive one half-liter bottle of genuine Italian olive oil

A chance to explore a 17th-century villa, including the olive groves that encompass it

Virgin olive oil guided tasting led by experienced producers

A chance to get acquainted with different qualities, flavor profiles, and sensory characteristics

At the end of the tour, the hosts will prepare a lavish buffet using local and organic products

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